Levels Of Female led Relationship

Not all Female led relationships look identical. There are different “ranges” or methods to structure them. In truth, by and large, most all FLRs are on certainly one of 4 ranges, so let’s discuss every one of them.

Level 1-Lower Level FLR

What the name is indicating well, these are the sort of FLR where the extent of management may be very low. It can’t be named as the leadership of the woman as a result of all the pieces that occur in such relationships is on the basis of mutual consent and mentioned before.

In this level, she does not have to dominate her male counterpart in order to apply her decisions. They understand each other and come to a decision together.

All the things that the man does for her at this level can’t be labeled as too much.

Level 2-Moderate Level FLR

As the name suggests, this is a level which is slightly more than that of the lower one. The woman enjoys leading her man but in a moderate way. She doesn’t understand the extremes of it and generally not capable of fulfilling her companion as well due to her totally different behavior over different conditions

In such kind of relationships, women have a point or two where she thinks that she is leading the man. This gives her a morale and confidence boost. In case of the man, he also enjoys being dominated.

But some man wants to be dominated more so this kind of relationship won’t work for them.

Level 3-Formal Level FLR

The connection between the two is extra formal than comfortable ones like within the lower level or moderate level FLR. That is one thing actually completely different from the above two levels. You can say the relationship is a lot like the motherly relationship.

This is a lot like the relationship where male plays the role of a submissive while the lady is the one who is leading him in and making all the decisions. The difference that this kind of relationship makes from the extreme ones is that in some cases there is a mutual decision like

  • financial decisions
  • free time
  • important decisions of life
  • household work
  • sex etc.

Level 4- Extreme Level FLR

 Level of Female led relationship

Level 4 is the most extreme level of a female led relationship. These types of relationship are actually very intense and serious ones. Because it is so extreme it stands out than all other levels.

The men are treated as slaves, pets or some kind of plaything in by their female counterpart.  BDSM is must in this level of relationship. Both the man and woman enjoy while the man being the masochist love to live by the whip and woman love to control and dominate him in every aspect of life.


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