The 2 Basic Types of Female Led Relationships

If we go into detail there may be too many types to count but instead, let us discuss the two basic types of Female-led relationships

The 2 primary type of Flr is Female Led Relationships that target controlling the man and Feminine Led Relationships that target empowering the lady.

Let us first discuss the type that focuses on controlling the man.

1.Flr that focuses on controlling the man

This is more of a dominating type of relationship and men who fantasize about dominant women are who pursue it.

You can also call it femdom or female dominating instead of leading relationship.

Men expect to be punished and dominated both in life and bed.  Masochist men you may call them who seek women like these and crave the punishment from them.

They need a girl who’s stern and centered on correcting their errors in a harsh approach, punishing them and emotionally abusing them

The main goal of flr is to bring the focus to the woman, not man. This FLR is completely opposite to that.

But how do you know

what kind of flr is the man seeking the best way is to ask him if he uses the words ‘authority’ or ‘control’ most likely he’s there just to quench is fantasies. If you’re too into this stuff than you can enter this domain but this is not what female led relationship is about.

As the name state FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP, the focus should be on the lady, not one masochist men.

The whole attention is on him, constantly playing the sadist part is not what you should be looking for.

The couples who report complete satisfaction are the ones who focus on the woman’s happiness. Her happiness fuels his happiness instead of her punishments and control fueling his happiness.

FLR that focus on empowering the her

This is the type of relationship you should be seeking.


Because in this kind of relationship all the focus is on the woman, not anyone else. Female Led Relationships that focus on empowering the woman is called Loving Female Led Relationships.

When a pair agrees to a Loving FLR that operates below this precept, the couple is happier, the kids get to develop witnessing a loving father and mom who deal with one another with respect and love.

Here you are in search of a man who makes your happiness a priority in his life. Not his fantasies.

He helps you, loves you and will support you always. Help you achieve your dreams faster.

He won’t complain that you are not ‘dominating’ him enough or meeting his needs. His needs consist of one thing: ensuring that you are well taken care of and happy.

5 Reasons Why Women are great Leaders

While choosing a leader, gender shouldn’t play a role, but individual traits and qualities should be the merits by which leaders must distinguish themselves from other.

That’s not the case in today’s society. you may have noticed that people think that men should be one to hold the reign in all aspects of life but the truth is that most companies led by strong empowering women prosper financially and socially. Even relationship led by women are more likely to be strong and successful.

Another problem is that women don’t realize their own potential and if they did more of them would be willing to show their abilities to the world. But first, let’s talk about the reasons why women are great leaders.

5 Reasons Why Women are great Leaders

1. They are empathetic.

Women know how to work with people and understand them emotionally to build a strong foundation with them. They start to understand what the other person is thinking about, how to communicate with a particular person or how to motivate the people around them etc. Being natural empath, they know how to value relationships.

2. Challange motivates them

A great leader never takes no for an answer. Same is the case for women. They never back down from a challenge. No matter what task is thrown in front of them they never back down. They will always find a more efficient and better way to solve a problem.

3. They’re good at multitasking.

Women are natural born multitasker, you can take your mom as an example. You may have seen how she works around the clock taking care of you, your siblings and your father. Almost all women have an inborn talent to make a quick decision and respond to the various task at a time.

4. They are nurturing.

There is no doubt women help people around them grow and mature. For a team to be successful it is important that all of the members find their abilities and become better every day. Here having women lead them will only help this process more.

5. They Handle Crisis Better

Men try to avoid any crisis and usually don’t face them directly. But on the other hand, women are not like that. They face difficulties head-on. Whether it is at home or dealing with a client. They will always find a solution.

Levels Of Female led Relationship

Not all Female led relationships look identical. There are different “ranges” or methods to structure them. In truth, by and large, most all FLRs are on certainly one of 4 ranges, so let’s discuss every one of them.

Level 1-Lower Level FLR

What the name is indicating well, these are the sort of FLR where the extent of management may be very low. It can’t be named as the leadership of the woman as a result of all the pieces that occur in such relationships is on the basis of mutual consent and mentioned before.

In this level, she does not have to dominate her male counterpart in order to apply her decisions. They understand each other and come to a decision together.

All the things that the man does for her at this level can’t be labeled as too much.

Level 2-Moderate Level FLR

As the name suggests, this is a level which is slightly more than that of the lower one. The woman enjoys leading her man but in a moderate way. She doesn’t understand the extremes of it and generally not capable of fulfilling her companion as well due to her totally different behavior over different conditions

In such kind of relationships, women have a point or two where she thinks that she is leading the man. This gives her a morale and confidence boost. In case of the man, he also enjoys being dominated.

But some man wants to be dominated more so this kind of relationship won’t work for them.

Level 3-Formal Level FLR

The connection between the two is extra formal than comfortable ones like within the lower level or moderate level FLR. That is one thing actually completely different from the above two levels. You can say the relationship is a lot like the motherly relationship.

This is a lot like the relationship where male plays the role of a submissive while the lady is the one who is leading him in and making all the decisions. The difference that this kind of relationship makes from the extreme ones is that in some cases there is a mutual decision like

  • financial decisions
  • free time
  • important decisions of life
  • household work
  • sex etc.

Level 4- Extreme Level FLR

 Level of Female led relationship

Level 4 is the most extreme level of a female led relationship. These types of relationship are actually very intense and serious ones. Because it is so extreme it stands out than all other levels.

The men are treated as slaves, pets or some kind of plaything in by their female counterpart.  BDSM is must in this level of relationship. Both the man and woman enjoy while the man being the masochist love to live by the whip and woman love to control and dominate him in every aspect of life.

What is a Female Led Realtionship?

A relationship in which  the female makes all the rules and has the highest authority is a female led relationship.

Merely put FLR is when girls lead malesmales who wish to be led by them. After all this occurs on daily basis in all varieties of conditions akin to enterprise, schooling, healthcare and residential. The phenomenon is when males need/ask girls to guide of their private lives.

Female-Led Relationships are available in many types and shapes. In lots of plain-vanilla relationships, the ladies find yourself deciding most issues as a consequence of their personalities, however these relationships don’t embody any kink or formal recognition of the skewed energy stability. On the opposite aspect of the spectrum you may have so-called feminine supremacists, who really feel that each one females are superior to all males and rig their relationships accordingly.

This website is about one thing in between these two, however quite a bit nearer to the primary sort. Extra particularly, I’ll think about the kind of relationship that has a few of the following qualities:

  • The lady is the pinnacle of the family and makes many of the day-to-day choices
  • The wants of the lady come first, and any selfishness on her half is tolerated and even inspired
  • There may be an expressed recognition of the lady’s place as head of the family, it’s not simply “how we do issues
  • The male is predicted to pamper and fulfill the femae in many alternative methods
  • The male’s sexual drive is harnessed and managed as the principle supply of motivation
  • There may be usually a specific amount of kink concerned, however not more than the feminine is snug with
  • Every thing is consensual and the end-goal is to enhance the life high quality of each events

As you may see there are numerous benefits for men and women who embrace this life, and there’s little or no effort required of you to get pleasure from all these advantages.